Choose Your Personal CFO

at Exemplar Financial Network

What is a Personal CFO?

A Personal Chief Financial Officer (Personal CFO) is a financial advisor who studies your complete personal financial situation and guides you to help make sound financial decisions throughout your life, just as a prosperous business hires a quality CFO to analyze and navigate its financial pathways, ultimately driving their success.

Who needs a Personal CFO?

Someone who wants financial success and recognizes the need for a professional to assist them with planning and managing their financial life.

Exemplar Personal CFOs:

We have access to a world of planning options. Our only motivation is what’s best for your financial future. The Exemplar Financial Network Signature 4-Step Process provides a consistent approach to personalized financial planning. Our sole focus is to design a solution specific to your individual needs. Exemplar stands committed to working with those who care as much about their financial future as we do.

David Hubbard, President and Founder of Exemplar Financial Network offers more than 30 years of experience in helping guide clients toward their financial goals. He leads a team of seasoned financial advisors and partners with insurance consultants, estate planners, certified public accountants, and tax attorneys toward the development of client specific financial strategies.


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