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The Equifax Data Breach


The Equifax Data Breach

Have you been affected? If so, how can you try to protect yourself?


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On September 7, credit reporting agency Equifax dropped a consumer bombshell. It revealed that cybercriminals had gained access to the personal information of as many as 143 million Americans between May and July – about 44% of the U.S. population. The culprits were able to retrieve roughly 209,000 credit card numbers, in addition to many Social Security and driver’s license numbers.1

Protecting Yourself Against Cyberattacks

Protecting Yourself Against Cyberattacks

How vulnerable is your data?


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bigstock-Hacker-In-Work-small.jpg25% of Americans were cyberhacked between March 2014 and March 2015. The American Institute of CPAs announced that alarming discovery in April, publishing the results of a survey conducted by Harris Poll. Disturbing? Certainly, but the instances of pre-retirees being victimized were even greater – 34% of adults aged 55-64 reported having their data stolen or compromised within that period.1

Will You Have to Pay Back Health Insurance Credits?

Will You Have to Pay Back Health Insurance Credits?


Millions of taxpayers may end up doing so in 2015.


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bigstock-Insurance-small.jpgIf you received a 2014 health insurance subsidy, you may get an unpleasant surprise. When the Health Insurance Marketplace (HIM) went online in late 2013, Americans shopping for coverage were asked to see if they qualified for a subsidy called the Premium Tax Credit. Millions of Americans did receive this federal assistance, which made it easier for them to pay health insurance premiums. PTCs were awarded based on household size and estimated 2014 household income.1

Yes, Young Growing Families Can Save & Invest

Yes, Young Growing Families Can Save & Invest


It may seem like a tall order, but it can be accomplished.


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bigstock-Portrait-Of-Hispanic-Family-small.jpgPlan to put yourself steps ahead of your peers. If you have a young, growing family, no doubt your to-do list is pretty long on any given day. Beyond today, you are probably working on another kind of to-do list for the long term. Where does “saving and investing” rank on that list?


For some families, it never quite ranks high enough – and it never becomes the priority it should become. Assorted financial pressures, sudden shifts in household needs, bad luck – they can all move “saving and investing” down the list. Even so, young families have planned to build wealth in the face of such stresses. You can follow their example. It is less an option than a necessity. 


Financial Fitness


Six things you can do to get in shape financially.


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bigstock-Financial-health-of-the-dollar small.jpgHave you looked at your finances lately? There’s no wrong time to take a closer look at your financial health. Why not start today? Here are several things you may want to do:

What's Fueling the Drop in Oil Prices?

What’s Fueling the Drop in Oil Prices?


How long will it last? Who wins & loses from it?


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bigstock-financial-seminar small.jpgOn the New York Mercantile Exchange, a barrel of light sweet crude is currently worth well under $60. Prices have dropped more than 25% in a month and almost 45% year-over-year. What is behind this freefall? How long will prices keep dropping, and who does this development hurt and benefit?1

The Holiday Shopping Has Begun

The Holidays Are Coming

Here are some out of the box ways to avoid stress on your pocketbook

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bigstock-Piggy-bank-with-Santa-Claus-small.jpgThe holidays are coming.  Gift giving, relative  kissing, card sending and credit card spending are about to commence.  For many of us, the holidays add additional stress not just to our psyche but to our pocket books as well.  If you find yourself saying, “This year will be different, I will not stress myself out by overspending.”  Then, it’s probably time to put a plan into action on how to accomplish that goal.

Here are some very practical ideas for saving a couple of dollars and your sanity during the holidays:

The Market's Wild Swings

The Market’s Wild Swings

A hugely volatile week concludes. What’s next as earnings season gets underway?


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bigstock-Display-of-Stock-market-quotes-small.jpgDuring this past trading week, volatility ruled Wall Street. In fact, stocks either fell or rose 1.5% or more on three consecutive trading days. That had happened only 54 times since 1928.1 


What prompted these ups & downs? Several factors. The International Monetary Fund just cut its global and Asia growth forecasts for 2015 and stated that the eurozone could soon slide into another recession. European Central Bank president Mario Draghi wants easing to stimulate the eurozone economy, yet German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble doesn’t. The DAX and CAC 40 (the benchmark indices of Germany and France) have both corrected since spring.2


Why Does Family Wealth Fade Away?

Why Does Family Wealth Fade Away?

A lack of vision is often the answer to that question.


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bigstock-Dollar-Bank-Note-Downward-small.jpgMany are the stories of family wealth lost. In the late 19th century, industrial tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt amassed the equivalent of $100 billion in today’s dollars – but when 120 of his descendants met at a family gathering in 1973, there were no millionaires among them.1


Barbara Woolworth Hutton – daughter of the founder of E.F. Hutton & Company, heiress to the Woolworth’s five-and-dime empire – inherited $900 million in inflation-adjusted dollars but passed away nearly penniless (her reputed net worth at death was $3,500).1,2


Shattering the Myth That Women Aren't Good with Money

Shattering the Myth that Women Aren’t Good with Money

A cottage industry of condescending books doesn’t address the real issue.


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bigstock-business-finances-and-economi small.jpgWhy do we cling to the myth that women don’t understand money as well as men?


If you look at the personal finance books aimed at women over the past decade, some of the titles might convince you that women need “special help” when it comes to figuring out saving, investing and budgeting: Prince Charming Isn't Coming … SHOO, Jimmy Choo! The Modern Girl's Guide to Spending Less and Saving More … Does This Make My Assets Look Fat? … Girl, Get Your Money Straight … A Purse of Your Own: An Easy Guide to Financial Security.


Judging by these titles, you would think American women are naive shopaholics or flat-out squanderers. But is that really the case?


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