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The personal safety of our employees and clients is our number one priority, which is why Exemplar Financial Network is proud to be a Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce COVID-19 Compliant Business Partner.   Click on the logo below to view the requirements.  


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4 Money Blunders That Could Leave You Poorer

4 Money Blunders That Could Leave You Poorer


A “not-to-do” list for the new year & years to follow.


Provided by Exemplar Financial Network


bigstock-Investing-Your-Savings-small.jpgHow are your money habits? Are you getting ahead financially, or does it feel like you are running in place?


It may come down to behavior. Some financial behaviors promote wealth creation, while others lead to frustration. Certainly other factors come into play when determining a household’s financial situation, but behavior and attitudes toward money rank pretty high on the list.


Exemplar Financial Network and Crystal Lake Force Present Donation to Casa of McHenry County

As Presenting Sponsor of Kicks 4 Kids Annual Soccer Tournament


kicks 4 kids casa check presentation small.jpgExemplar Financial Network as presenting sponsor of the Kicks 4 Kids soccer tournament presented a check for $11,238.82 to Casa of McHenry County at their January 6 board meeting along with the Crystal Lake Force.

Kicks 4 Kids is a not-for-profit organization that creates awareness on how to rear healthy children through exercise, proper nutrition, positive thinking and taking care of the environment. Each year in August, the Crystal Lake Force runs the Kicks 4 Kids Classic soccer tournament as a way to show kids that you can give back to your community while still having fun. Since the tournament's inception in 2013, Exemplar Financial Network has been the presenting sponsor of this exciting community event.

Getting a Jump on Tax Season

Getting a Jump on Tax Season


What should you bring to your preparer?


Provided by Exemplar Financial Network


bigstock-Tax-Concept-small.jpgYou can file your federal tax return starting January 20. IRS filing season will start right on time in 2015, and there is wisdom in filing your 1040 well before April 15. You can get it out of the way earlier, and if you e-file, you can put yourself in position for an earlier refund.1


What should you gather up for your CPA? If you want to save time and possibly money along with it, come to your preparer’s office ready with the appropriate paperwork. If you own a business, that list includes all W-2s and 1099-MISC forms you get from clients, any 1099-INT and K-1 forms displaying interest income, your Schedule C and P&L reports, and any and all paperwork you can round up detailing your expenses – your personal expenses too, not only business costs but also any tuition, medical and miscellaneous ones. If you have made charitable contributions worth itemizing, that paperwork needs to reach your preparer. The same goes for documents detailing mortgage interest, other forms of interest paid, and any tax already paid.2


Yes, Young Growing Families Can Save & Invest

Yes, Young Growing Families Can Save & Invest


It may seem like a tall order, but it can be accomplished.


Provided by Exemplar Financial Network


bigstock-Portrait-Of-Hispanic-Family-small.jpgPlan to put yourself steps ahead of your peers. If you have a young, growing family, no doubt your to-do list is pretty long on any given day. Beyond today, you are probably working on another kind of to-do list for the long term. Where does “saving and investing” rank on that list?


For some families, it never quite ranks high enough – and it never becomes the priority it should become. Assorted financial pressures, sudden shifts in household needs, bad luck – they can all move “saving and investing” down the list. Even so, young families have planned to build wealth in the face of such stresses. You can follow their example. It is less an option than a necessity. 


Financial Fitness


Six things you can do to get in shape financially.


Provided by Exemplar Financial Network


bigstock-Financial-health-of-the-dollar small.jpgHave you looked at your finances lately? There’s no wrong time to take a closer look at your financial health. Why not start today? Here are several things you may want to do:

What's Fueling the Drop in Oil Prices?

What’s Fueling the Drop in Oil Prices?


How long will it last? Who wins & loses from it?


Provided by Exemplar Financial Network


bigstock-financial-seminar small.jpgOn the New York Mercantile Exchange, a barrel of light sweet crude is currently worth well under $60. Prices have dropped more than 25% in a month and almost 45% year-over-year. What is behind this freefall? How long will prices keep dropping, and who does this development hurt and benefit?1

How Women Are Planning Their Financial Futures

How Women Are Planning Their Financial Futures


From assorted survey data, an interesting snapshot emerges.


Provided by Exemplar Financial Network


bigstock-Future-dreams-of-a-woman-small.jpgWomen are taking action to approach retirement with greater confidence. Some recent, intriguing survey data indicates that women are planning their financial futures with some degree of pragmatism, but also with considerable motivation.


One of the key motivations, it seems, is receiving financial advice.


Your Annual Financial To-Do List - 2015

Your Annual Financial To-Do List

Things you can do before & for 2015.


Provided by Exemplar Financial Network


bigstock-Blank-To-Do-List-27249434.jpgWhat financial, business or life priorities do you need to address for 2015? Now is a good time to think about the investing, saving or budgeting methods you could employ toward specific objectives. Some year-end financial moves may prove crucial to the pursuit of those goals as well.


Holiday Wrap-Up - 2014

A look back at 2014 thus far
Presented by Exemplar Financial Network

Tax Perks of Year-End Charitable Gifting

Tax Perks of Year-End Charitable Gifting

Help the causes you care about & help your finances in the process.


Provided by Exemplar Financial Network


bigstock-charity-raise-money-to-help-do-small.jpgAn opportunity for you to give & save. As 2014 ends, you may be considering making one or more charitable gifts. In most instances, they are tax-deductible with benefits for the donor as well as the recipient.


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Have you met your team?

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