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The personal safety of our employees and clients is our number one priority, which is why Exemplar Financial Network is proud to be a Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce COVID-19 Compliant Business Partner.   Click on the logo below to view the requirements.  


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Exemplar Financial Network Advisor Jeffrey Bruce receives a Masters in Business Administration with Honors

Exemplar Financial Network Advisor Jeffrey Bruce receives a Masters in Business Administration with honors

Jeffrey Bruce - Financial Advisor.jpg.crop_display.jpg[Crystal Lake, IL – May 22, 2017] Jeff

Exemplar Financial Network Advisor James Mullen achieves Accredits Investment Fiduciary Designation

Exemplar Financial Network Advisor James Mullen achieves Accredited Investment Fiduciary designation.

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  • Ways the Middle Class Can Make a Difference for Charity


    Ways the Middle Class Can Make a Difference for Charity

    You don’t need to be wealthy to make an impact & get a win-win.


    Provided by Exemplar Financial Network


    bigstock-charity-raise-money-to-help-do-small.jpgDo you have to make a multimillion-dollar gift to a charity to receive immediate or future financial benefits? No. Consider the following options, which may bring you immediate or future tax deductions.

    Have a Plan, Not Just a Stock Portfolio


    Have a Plan, Not Just a Stock Portfolio

    Diversification still matters. One day, this bull market will end.


    Provided by Exemplar Financial Network


    bigstock-Retirement-Plan-Savings-Senio-small.jpgIn the first quarter of 2017, the bull market seemed unstoppable. The Dow Jones Industrial Average soared past 20,000 and closed at all-time highs on 12 consecutive trading days. The Nasdaq Composite gained almost 10% in three months.1


    An eight-year-old bull market is rare. This current bull is the second longest since the end of World War II; only the 1990-2000 bull run surpasses it. Since 1945, the average bull market has lasted 57 months.2

    Key Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid


    Key Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

    Too many people make these common errors.


    Provided by Exemplar Financial Network


    bigstock-Estate-planning-worksheet-small.jpgMany affluent professionals and business owners put estate planning on hold. Only the courts and lawyers stand to benefit from their procrastination. While inaction is the biggest estate planning error, several other major mistakes can occur. The following blunders can lead to major problems.

    When Someone Dies Without a Will


    When Someone Dies Without a Will

    Where do things proceed from that point?


    Provided by Exemplar Financial Network


    bigstock-Last-Will-And-Testament-small.jpgEvery day, people die intestate. In legalese, that means without a will. This opens the door for the courts to decide what happens with their estates.


    When no valid will exists, state intestacy laws dictate how assets are distributed. These laws divide an estate evenly (or equitably) among heirs. Any assets held in joint tenancy go to the joint owner. Assets held in a trust transfer to the trust beneficiaries (with spouses getting a share of those assets in some states). Community property goes to a spouse or partner in community property states.1

    Building an Emergency Fund


    Building an Emergency Fund

    Everyone should aim to have a cash reserve.


    Provided by Exemplar Financial Network


    bigstock--152564342 emergency fund small.jpgWe all would love to have a little extra cash on hand for emergencies. Saving up that cash can be a challenge – but with a little effort, that challenge can be met.



    Imagine a 30-year-old couple with no real savings. Let’s call them Kurt and Diana. Together, they earn about $8,000 a month, but their household finances are being squeezed by education debt, rent, and the high cost of living in an affluent metro area. They have about $300 in the bank between them, and they just learned they have a baby on the way. Their need to save has never been greater. How can they do it?

    Robo-Advisors vs. Human Advisors


    Robo-Advisors vs. Human Advisors


    If an investor chooses a non-human financial advisor, what price could they end up paying?


    Provided by Exemplar Financial Network


    bigstock--brain vs computer.jpgInvestors have a choice today that they did not have a decade ago. They can seek investing and retirement planning guidance from a human financial advisor or put their invested assets in the hands of a robo-advisor – a software program that maintains their portfolio.


    Why would an investor want to leave all that decision making up to a computer? In this era of cybercrime and “flash crashes” on Wall Street, doesn’t that seem a little chancy?

    America Saves Week (February 27-March 4, 2017)


    America Saves Week

    How much are you setting aside on behalf of your goals?


    Provided by Exemplar Financial Network


    bigstock-Basket-Egg-Investment-Portfoli-small.jpg“Set a goal, make a plan, and save automatically.” This is the motto of America Saves Week, which begins on February 27.


    America Saves – a project of the American Savings Education Council – calls on Americans to do all three of those things to try and improve their finances. Each winter, it surveys Americans to see how well (or poorly) they are saving. The survey is in its tenth year, and perhaps some recent trends will be reversed in the 2017 edition.

    10 Ways A Wealth Advisor Can Help

    bigstock-Piggy-Banks-With-Savings small.jpg


    People often view financial advice through a single lens, as investment advice. However, there’s a big difference between simply managing your investment portfolio (one aspect of your overall finances) and a holistic approach to coordinating your entire financial picture. Only a full-service, independent wealth advisor provides the critical planning services and advice you require across your financial life to create alignment between your various strategies. And that can make the difference between remaining on track and falling short of your financial objectives or timeline.

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