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Laurie Malone

Laurie Malone

Client Services Specialist

Laurie Malone's number one focus is helping the Wealth Advisors give their clients first-class service. Laurie has over thirty years of customer service and administrative experience.  Her customer service career started when she got her first job at a Chicago grocery store when she was sixteen years old.

Laurie has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Roosevelt University.  Her desire to know what makes people tick and how they interact with each other led her to a major in Social Science.  Her love of books and stories led her to minor in English. 

A lifelong Chicago Cubs fan, Laurie also loves watching movies, going to the library, and all things Disney.  Laurie is an animal lover.  She has met sea otters, sea lions, penguins, beluga whales, and dolphins.  The next animal she wants to meet is a koala!

Get to know Laurie:

Favorite holiday:  My Birthday!! 

Favorite quote:  “Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.” -- Walt Disney

If I could meet anyone (past, present or future) it would be: my Grandma Malone.  She passed away six years before I was born.  It would be fascinating to hear about the adventure of moving from Ireland to America in 1928.  I'd also like to hear her stories of my dad as a little boy!