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Trish Kaiser

Trish Kaiser

Director of First Impressions

Trisha Kaiser joined Exemplar after the chaos of 2020. Exemplar has given her the chance to find her best self and pay it forward. Trish greets each client with  reverence and a smile. She promotes and shares the feeling of family, trust, and prosperity to all who enter into this family owned Crystal Lake establishment. She is the beginning of Exemplar’s mission to help clients create personal prosperity and success. Trisha takes her position and your happiness very seriously and joyously.

Trish has had a varied background encompassing Police work, a personal family business, customer service, and security. This diversity has helped her discover what she loves to do most.  And what she loves is to help others! Besides her career, she enjoys sharing with the homebound of St. Thomas in Crystal Lake by delivering the host to those who can’t make it to mass. She has also played and coached soccer, taught religious education, chaperoned and participated in many different races, and enjoyed being a fan at her children’s sporting events. 

If you are looking for Trish, you can usually find her by the lake, either walking her dogs, biking, or just working in her garden while listening to an audiobook. She is very fortunate to have a wonderful husband, children, son-in-law, grandson, and amazing family and friends. She loves seeing them all!

 3 Favorite Quotes: 

I reject your reality and substitute my own.  -Mythbusters     

You judge yourself by your intentions, others judge you by your actions. -Stephen Covey

Your lack of planning is not my emergency -used almost daily by her Father:)

Favorite Food: There are soooo many catagories… but for ease, let’s go with Dark Chocolate!

Favorite Movie: Pride & Prejudice (The version with Kiera Knightly)

Favorite Book: Man, again so many…but any book I read to my kids like Dr. Seuss or HP.